Friday, October 07, 2005

New Blog!


After a bit of a hiatus, we're back online with our family blog. Finding the time to dash off a quick note (not to mention up to date photos) has become a bigger challenge than it used to be...not sure why.

A few items of note:
Marc launched the website for his photography. Please take a look:
The link is also posted in our links section. I'm really proud of the work he's done!

And we are now in the relatively early stages of launching another business -- a franchise we purchased over the summer. Cartridge World is the global leader in providing inkjet and toner cartridge refilling/recycling/remanufacturing, and we jumped right in by acquiring two stores. The industry is well over $50 billion worldwide (to put that in perspective, the entire cell phone industry is a mere $24 billion). It's very interesting when you consider that the big printer manufacturers (HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark) make the majority of their profits on their OEM ink and toner cartridges. I could quote all sorts of factoids here about the amount of waste in landfills when cartridges are not recycled as well as significant cost savings (in general, around 50%!), but common sense probably speaks louder than those facts would anyway. If you want to know more, you can visit the Cartridge World website:
We are in the final stages of signing a lease for our first store, and we'll keep you posted on the grand opening plans!

For those who know about our master plan to eventually build and live within an RV park in our beloved Uinta Mountains, that is still on the radar. We are hoping that the cashflow from our Cartridge World stores will provide us the financial freedom to do that project the way we've dreamed of instead of the way that is most immediately profitable.

In the meantime, we are s
uburbanite parents with a rambunctious, precocious, very loveable 3-year-old. Catherine thrives on her half-day schedule at Montessori and spends her afternoons with Marsha (Nanny Extraordinaire). We are working toward Halloween and a costume; so far the progression has been from a dinosaur princess with wings to a purple dog with brown spots. Who knows what next week's imagination will produce?

Happy Trails!

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