Monday, November 07, 2005

Halloween festivities

We've had a great Halloween month around Schaererville... it began early in October with a trip to the local nursery-turned-pumpkin-patch, which led to decorating the yard with our pumpkin and gourd purchases, and on to Halloween weekend.

After Catherine's parade and program at school on Friday the 28th, we went trick or treating at the zoo on Saturday with Henry and his mom Rebecca. We got drenched in a downpour after getting 2/3 of the way through the zoo, but even the sloshing didn't deter our devoted little tricksters. After a quick rest under the overhang by the elephant enclave, we made a run for it and got to the car only somewhat soggy.

We then shared our neighborhood with Brigitte Brice for Halloween since her neighborhood right now is the Marriott Courtyard downtown as she and her folks get set to move back to Australia. Halloween isn't nearly the developed commercial escapade Down Under, so she made the best of her last one in the U.S. She and Catherine ran from door to door, hitting every porch-lighted home in 4 cul de sacs and 3 streets. We gave up only after Catherine's pumpkin bucket could not hold one more fun-sized Snickers. Once we got home, the coup de grace of the night was a set of vampire teeth.

Alas, after the Halloween goblins went south for yet another year, most of the candy made its way to that great candy graveyard: my office. One night of a sugar high (we peeled the kid off the ceiling around 10pm and spent the next hour getting her to bed) was more than enough until next year!