Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Family fun with snowshoes

I think it was one of my first winter outdoor activites when I moved to Utah (which, incidentally, was 11 years ago next month). I remember renting snowshoes for a group outing with my uncle and his friends and then, because I was the youngest of the group by oh, say 20 years, I was "invited" to cut the trail up a 30 degree slope. The reward was the floating glissade down the really does feel like you are sliding along with nothing more than air under your feet.
Until both kids can ski, we're doing more snowshoeing than anything else (well, okay, maybe sledding at the hill down the street has a higher convenience factor -- but not by much).
Muggsy is very happy to be in the backpack, which doubles the workout for Mr. O, and MiniMe has her own little stompers so she happily leads the way.
Even Squid gets into the act, and she and Mr. O make frequent trips to Emigration Canyon together when the kids and I have other plans.

The other day he called me from Corner Canyon, which is the open space and trail system adjacent to our house (1000 acres of wide open, protected-from-development mountain paradise for hiking and biking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter). He was a little out of breath and had that "I am going to blow your mind with what I have to tell you" lilt to his voice. He told me he had come up on a group of several deer on the trail and was studying them from a short distance. Then a movement caught his eye and a few hundred yards away he saw a mountain lion running back up the canyon. Apparently he had interrupted the lion's hunt for dinner and the deer were blissfully unaware that one unassuming human had changed the course of the food chain -- at least for that moment. Good sport that I am, I congratulated him on the sighting, peppered my side of the conversation with an appropriate mix of ooohs and aaahs, and then said thank you to whatever power decided that it just wasn't his time yet!

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