Monday, January 21, 2008


It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day today (no mail, no banks, and a day off for me), and we woke up to the first really big storm of the season. We've had a few storms that accumulated 4-6", but this one is measurable in FEET. At 9:00am, we measured the snowfall on our deck at 11" and it's over 14" now this afternoon.

Marc spent the morning snowblowing our driveway and sidewalks, plus those of our 70-something retired neighbors and friends across the street (they moved here from Alabama last year and haven't gotten a snowblower yet). Marc's little die-hard snowblower (12 years old? 15 years old? It's a Craftsman...!) made a valiant effort to dig us out, even when the snow was deeper than the snowblower is tall.

Even Catherine had to get bundled up to see how deep it was. I stayed inside, made chai and took photos. :-)

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