Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Which reminds me....

...I have no freakin' clue as to blogetiquette. I think there are things I'm just supposed to know. Like how to comment and link the right way. How to tag for memes. How to set up technorati so I know who's looking at what I write and where they go from here so I can do a surprise link to someone who doesn't even ask.

I'm an outer circle kind of gal. The laugh track. The third best friend.

What am I doing in the blogosphere????

Holy Blogroll, Batman!

It's taken me almost 9 hours to digest the fact that Jim at BusyDad has put me on his blogroll...first, my inaugural comment on greeblemonkey and NOW, I'm linked. And I didn't even ask.

Hoo boy. It's gonna be a Big Week. I can tell.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best! Birthday! Gift! Ever!

I belong to an elite club. You know, the one that makes a visit from my mother-in-law qualify as not only a birthday gift, but one that is at the top of my list (note the of today, my birthday and her arrival are 2 months, 1 week and 3 days away!). She lives in Winterthur, Switzerland and we haven't seen her for almost three years. It will be a Major Occasion in Schaererville -- plus, this is the year of her 75th birthday.

This is our last family photo...MiniMe was two-and-a-half-darn-near-three and Max was not even a twinkle in our eye yet.

Peggy is a phenomenally talented quilter, an amazing multi-cultural cook (glad I married the apple that fell from THAT tree) and has a sense of adventure developed over 40 years as an ex-patriate wife and mother. We are the tail end of her round-the-world tour that will include visits to a few of the places she's lived over the years -- including Japan and Bahrain. We're still trying to figure out what we're going to do while she's here. Last visit we toured Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

No, she rode in the truck and not on the motorcycle, but when we stopped to stretch or have a snack she was quick to hop on for a photo (I remember laughing at the irony of this photo with her since she never learned to ride a bicycle).

I love this 3-generation photo (Peggy is 1-for-4 in granddaughters). Most of the time I think Mr. Outdoors is the spitting image of his dad, but from a profile...well, I'll say there's more than just a small maternal resemblance.

We girl-types hung out for a good portion of the visit since Mr. Outdoors gets his fill of the "yak-yak" very quickly.

Which brings me to one of the best things about Peggy. She can talk to anyone. In one or all of 5 or 6 languages. On this trip, leave it to her to have found the one person in the hotel pool near Zion N.P. who is German, has been everywhere she's been, and was heading with his wife toward Salt Lake City in another week or so.

We made friends (Joe and Lori -- a delightful couple!), invited them for dinner at our house on their way through SLC, and stayed in touch via email after they returned home from their trip.

So I'm really excited to see Peggy and introduce her grandson (also namesake of my late father-in-law). Mr. Outdoors will put up with us as long as he can before taking off into the wilderness on his bike. MiniMe loves an occasion...ANY celebrate, so she's already making invitations. For what? That remains to be seen.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I did it! I did it!

I'm much more a lurker than a centerpiece -- I'll never be one of those superbloggers who can pick and choose which awards to post on their blogs -- but I just had to contribute to GreebleMonkey's thoughts on Barack Obama. My first official comment!

Mostly it was a statement of my marginal disgust at the political structure in Utah, but I just absolutely loved her simple language distillation of Obama's platform. It helped me understand the gut feeling I've had about him. I don't have the intense disdain for Hillary that many do, but there's something that the combination of charisma and progressive thought does for me in wanting to see President Obama in office.

And becoming the Dissenting Republican Turned Independent when I moved to Utah 11 years and 4 days ago (momentus occasion. I admit it.) was an identity moment. Still feels good.

Makes my family a) roll eyes b) avoid the topic c) engage in worthless proselytizing. Good thing we only see each other on an annual basis.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well, maybe not a thousand words, but close...

I'm spending way too much time reading other blogs and haven't been thinking about my own. But I did see this meme (as a blogging enfant, I'm still trying to figure out what that really means) on a few other blogs recently and it sounded like a great exercise. And it was. For the 20 questions, I had to find only photos on the Internet to answer them. Since I'm a bit of a word lover, I of course had to toss in a bit of running commentary.

Age at my next birthday: Whew. Nine more years until the next big one. And I love this photo because I learned to drive on US 41 in Michigan (er...Da Yoo-Pee to dem who grewd up dere).

A place I'd like to visit: Minus the kids but definitely including Mr. Outdoors

My favorite place: Dorothy said it best. All I need are ruby slippers to make sure I always have round trip travel options!

My favorite object: The ultimate portal. Connectivity is a MUST.
My favorite food: After all, I'm Swiss by injection (a line my grandmother used to deliver with a twitter and twinkle in her eye)
My favorite animal: Equine Experience -- transformational when it was most meaningful to me.
My favorite color: only a few shades are in the 'no' category (think Shamrocks)
The city in which I was born: I'm told it was a pretty hoppin' place when it was still a USAF SAC base
The town in which I live: small, suburban and mountains in the front yard!
The name of my pet: Yeah, we know. Not very original for an Australian Shepherd.
The first name of my love: Yes, it's true. Mr. Outdoors and my favorite Hollywood Hottie have the same name!
My nickname/screen name: :: sigh :: I have no nicknames, only initials...
My middle name: considering the dearth of family names for a girl, this was the least of all evils at the time it was bestowed upon me (choices included Hildegarde, Simona, and Ada).
My last name: I only wish our kids could do this as nicely...
A bad habit of mine: Just ask Mr. usually becomes his problem!
My first job: I was 16 (gotta love small towns) and the equipment was probably just this old, too...
My dream job: someday...when I'm retired...or when money is no object...
My current job: from right place, right time about 14 years and the 4 Ps go waaaaay back...
A picture I find hilarious: seriously...who brought the cat???
Something that inspires me: renewal...rebirth...and it happens faithfully every single year. Magical and miraculous.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Adventures as a single dad

I'm on the road, which means Mr. Outdoors is 24 x 7 Single Dad. He does a great job of making sure I stay in touch (and feel his pain) by sending me photos from his iPhone on a regular basis. This trip has been relatively brief, from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening, however I've received dispatches from the front line on a regular basis.

DAY 1: The Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" 3-D movie. Not only was it too loud for him, but Catherine decided about halfway through that, in spite of the super cool 3-D glasses, she was done with her dose of rock and roll. Before they were even out of the parking lot, she was in her own best world:

NIGHT 2: The world of wrangling both kids during the evening ritual of tubbies. Now, this is nothing new for Mr. Outdoors -- he's Chief Tubbie Officer in our house -- but when I'm not there he adds a little fun to the experience. And a new perspective for the littlest monkey in the house, apres tub:

DAY 2: A visit to the doctor. For a sore ear. Resulting in a sucker and clean bill of health:

As I head for the airport, I'm really, REALLY glad that I married so well. :-)