Thursday, February 07, 2008

Adventures as a single dad

I'm on the road, which means Mr. Outdoors is 24 x 7 Single Dad. He does a great job of making sure I stay in touch (and feel his pain) by sending me photos from his iPhone on a regular basis. This trip has been relatively brief, from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening, however I've received dispatches from the front line on a regular basis.

DAY 1: The Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" 3-D movie. Not only was it too loud for him, but Catherine decided about halfway through that, in spite of the super cool 3-D glasses, she was done with her dose of rock and roll. Before they were even out of the parking lot, she was in her own best world:

NIGHT 2: The world of wrangling both kids during the evening ritual of tubbies. Now, this is nothing new for Mr. Outdoors -- he's Chief Tubbie Officer in our house -- but when I'm not there he adds a little fun to the experience. And a new perspective for the littlest monkey in the house, apres tub:

DAY 2: A visit to the doctor. For a sore ear. Resulting in a sucker and clean bill of health:

As I head for the airport, I'm really, REALLY glad that I married so well. :-)

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A Mom Two Boys said...

My husband curls up in the fetal position after an HOUR alone with the kids. I'm pretty sure if I left overnight he'd end up at his mother's house.

Go Mr. Outdoors!