Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy Blogroll, Batman!

It's taken me almost 9 hours to digest the fact that Jim at BusyDad has put me on his blogroll...first, my inaugural comment on greeblemonkey and NOW, I'm linked. And I didn't even ask.

Hoo boy. It's gonna be a Big Week. I can tell.


BusyDad said...

:) Funny... "blogosphere" rules and etiquette are a tough thing to comprehend. So I just throw them out the window. Whatever I would do in the real world, I do in the blog world. If you're cool enough to give me props on yours, I do the same. Now isn't it easier than memorizing some BS code of blog etiquette? And you crack me up - 9 hours? My kid didn't even take 9 hours to be born :) Oh - and AWESOME idea you left at the busy dad tales site. I will start linking the comics to the blog post that inspired them. THANK YOU for that killer idea!!

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