Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well, maybe not a thousand words, but close...

I'm spending way too much time reading other blogs and haven't been thinking about my own. But I did see this meme (as a blogging enfant, I'm still trying to figure out what that really means) on a few other blogs recently and it sounded like a great exercise. And it was. For the 20 questions, I had to find only photos on the Internet to answer them. Since I'm a bit of a word lover, I of course had to toss in a bit of running commentary.

Age at my next birthday: Whew. Nine more years until the next big one. And I love this photo because I learned to drive on US 41 in Michigan (er...Da Yoo-Pee to dem who grewd up dere).

A place I'd like to visit: Minus the kids but definitely including Mr. Outdoors

My favorite place: Dorothy said it best. All I need are ruby slippers to make sure I always have round trip travel options!

My favorite object: The ultimate portal. Connectivity is a MUST.
My favorite food: After all, I'm Swiss by injection (a line my grandmother used to deliver with a twitter and twinkle in her eye)
My favorite animal: Equine Experience -- transformational when it was most meaningful to me.
My favorite color: only a few shades are in the 'no' category (think Shamrocks)
The city in which I was born: I'm told it was a pretty hoppin' place when it was still a USAF SAC base
The town in which I live: small, suburban and mountains in the front yard!
The name of my pet: Yeah, we know. Not very original for an Australian Shepherd.
The first name of my love: Yes, it's true. Mr. Outdoors and my favorite Hollywood Hottie have the same name!
My nickname/screen name: :: sigh :: I have no nicknames, only initials...
My middle name: considering the dearth of family names for a girl, this was the least of all evils at the time it was bestowed upon me (choices included Hildegarde, Simona, and Ada).
My last name: I only wish our kids could do this as nicely...
A bad habit of mine: Just ask Mr. Outdoors...it usually becomes his problem!
My first job: I was 16 (gotta love small towns) and the equipment was probably just this old, too...
My dream job: someday...when I'm retired...or when money is no object...
My current job: from right place, right time about 14 years ago....me and the 4 Ps go waaaaay back...
A picture I find hilarious: seriously...who brought the cat???
Something that inspires me: renewal...rebirth...and it happens faithfully every single year. Magical and miraculous.


Unknown said...

The funny thing I didn't even notice the cat till you said something. Awesome.

A Mom Two Boys said...

Wasn't this fun? And time consuming!?