Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mars trumps Venus. Every time.

We were riding off on yet another snowshoe adventure recently, with new-ish friends. Guys in front, girls in back. The conversation wanders and eventually lands on how Mr. Outdoors and I met.

Mrs. Friend: Didn't you guys meet hiking or skiing or something?

Mr. Outdoors: I know better, but I'll let her tell it.

Me: Omigosh it is such a crazy convoluted story because I was working as a media buyer and one of my ad reps was coming to Utah because he was originally from here but lived in LA so trips back to ski were great ways to come home and I loved to ski so we went up one afternoon and he said that there was this other friend who might hang out and do a few runs with us and she ended up meeting us after the first chair and her name is KathyO and she worked in the same industry as me so we got to talking and then we made plans to meet up for more skiing the next weekend and when I met up with her that weekend I also met another guy named Spencer who was kinda like the mayor of everywhere because he seemed to know everyone and we all went skiing for the rest of the afternoon together and then bumped into each other a few more times before the season was over including the last official day at the resort for the season and that day there were a bunch of new people in the group to meet like this guy named Jason who said that his roommate was too hungover to have made it skiing that day but said hi to everyone and they all just laughed because they apparently knew this roommate and thought it was funny that he was hungover but since I had no idea who he was I just did the polite laugh along with everyone and we skied the rest of the day together and ended up doing some other fun things that spring like hiking and biking and then the ad rep was back in town and said that one of his friends was taking his boat out to the lake for waterskiing and we should go so I snuck out of work early that afternoon and met up with him at the lake but by then it was pouring rain so we just sat in his Jeep while Spencer and the boat owner and the other people in the group sat in their cars and then we decided that the rain and lightning wouldn't quit so we all just left but then met up again over the 4th of July and my sister and good friend Maureen were in town so we went to Spencer's house because he knew the secret trail to the top of Red Butte Gardens where we could watch the fireworks from the top which is cool because you can see all the different displays across the valley and while we were there he kept saying that he wished his buddy could have come but the guy took off to Yellowstone National Park instead because he needed to get away so it was just Spencer and his harem which came to be something I noticed about Spencer because I always made new girlfriends whenever I hung out with him since he seemed to have a lot of girls around him and it was no different when I got talked into a mountain bike ride a few weeks later with that same ad rep and Spencer and a whole bunch of other people that included about a dozen girls who were all gathered around him when I arrived with the ad rep who was also trying to make everyone there think that I was with him in that special way and KathyO was there too so I went over to talk to her to get away from the ad rep and she was talking to a guy and I overheard her ask him how he was doing and he said something like he was still moving dirt so I conclude he's in construction and then everyone starts heading to vehicles so we can get to the trailhead and the ad rep and I end up in the back of a pickup truck and as we then unload bikes at the trailhead I take a trial spin on my borrowed bike because I've never ridden one before much less on a 24 mile canyon to canyon ride and as I'm riding I pass by Spencer and his dirt moving friend and Spencer says I need air in a tire so I stop and let him pump it up while I try and talk to his friend who also has never been on a ride like this before and points out his Kmart Huffy bike from college to make his point and then my tires are fully inflated and we're ready to go so we all hop on our bikes and head for the trail when KathyO sees me kinda struggling and asks if I've ever ridden before and when I say no she tells me that uphill I should use the grab bars and downhill I should get my ass off the saddle and away she goes while I look up at what they told me was Puke Hill and think I have probably made one of the worst decisions in recent years along with Spencer's dirt moving friend who is also struggling but in a much worse position than me because he doesn't have grab bars or more than about 5 working gears so we make a mutual decision to use our bikes as push carts and spend the entire length of Puke Hill talking and I ask him if that's a Texas accent I hear and he says no it's more like Wyoming and by the time we hit the top of Puke Hill I find out that he's the hungover friend who couldn't make it skiing that day as well as the owner of the boat the day the lightning kept us from waterskiing plus the guy who needed to get away over July 4th instead of coming to the fireworks so we probably should have met at least three times before that day but since I had been dating an idiot until just a few weeks prior and he had been working his way through a separation with his now ex-wife it wouldn't have been the right timing anyway so that's how we met and the rest is history.

Mr. Friend: so you met on a mountain bike ride?

Mr. Outdoors: uh-huh.


A Mom Two Boys said...

OMG, that was so funny and totally how I'd tell the story as well except that DJ and I met at a Halloween party where we were being "introduced" and he totally ignored me all night and then didn't call me for, like, 6 weeks and I thought he was a total a*s and then he finally did call and then it took another few weeks before he asked me out and...

Thanks for commenting on my blog (I can see after spending the last 15 minutes reading your previous posts you've been around a while!)!

I have a lot more to say on your other posts, so I'll go post there.

BusyDad said...

Hilarious! Whew, I was getting very confused trying to follow that story - hungover guy, ad rep guy, groupies of ad rep guy, friend of your who's a friend of someone you know... You hubby's explanation is more compatible with my wiring. And now I get it. Wonderful love story: guy meets girl while biking. :D

Hey, I didn't know you were a media buyer! Me too.

MarĂ­a said...


Don't you hate it when you ramble on for days and they don't take in a damn bit of it?

Shannon said...

Heh. Yup, that's a woman's version for sure.

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appleandi said...

love the story! totally from a woman, men just don't get it!
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The Herd Mom said...

Hilarious! :)

Shannon Dee said...

I LOVE details, so tell Mr. Outdoors that his version would definitely not have gotten the response that yours did! LOL! MEN...