Sunday, March 30, 2008

Overheard and totally in context

Mr. Outdoors: I'm heading out for a hike. Be back in an hour or so.

Me [absentmindedly...typing]: Great. Have fun.

Mr. O [insert attitude here]: Are you going to be on the computer all day?

Me [still typing]: Yep. Gotta get all our tax stuff finished.

Mr. O: Well, you're not doing that now.

Me: I'm not in the mood now. I'm in the mood to be blogging.

Mr. O: [growl]

Me: Bye. Have fun.


Unknown said...

I can't do just one thing. I have to multi-task or I get totally bored and out of the mood for the number 1 task, usually. I so understand. Lately, blogging's been my thing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy you found me! That's so fun that you are a blogger too! I'm still pretty new to it all, but I love it so far. How are you guys! I love your blog. What are you up to these days! So good to hear from you!

Tara R. said...

I get the attitude too... from the hubs who would be on the computer 24/7 if he thought he could get away with it and the son who would play computer games in all his downtime if he could... and all I want is a couple of hours. blah!

BusyDad said...

Wahahahahahah! Sounds like my household. Every night. At least now I can say "I'm just gonna look for some jobs. I'll be done in an hour or so." Then she'll say after an hour "so, did you apply to any?" and I'll say "no, couldn't find any."

Ms. Maxwell said...

Ashley - yep, I have to multi-task blog, that blog, that blog, that blog...oh yes, there's plenty of multi-tasking going on!

Lisa - Dontcha love those surprise comments when you're "found?" :-)

Opal - amen, sister. The only reason they guys want the computer is for the games, not for anything productive like blogging....

BD - Dude, blogging IS part of looking for a job...! Do I need to explain that to d Wife??

Judith Shakespeare said...

Man... it's nice to know that other people have growling spouses as well. LOL.

Oh well, those "non-bloggers" will never get it, will they?