Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thoroughly pickled. [hicc] I mean tickled.

Oh, Thursdays. I remember back when Thursday was all about laying the plan for the weekend. Calling around to the inner circle of partners in crime friends, rooting around the closet to configure a suitably amazing outfit or two, guessing who would be most likely to be where and how to get there myself, and pull together the necessary funds to get through this social whirlwind waiting like a jewel at the end of the week.

Now? Not so much.

Thursday is just the day before Friday. Only one more day of juggling kids, job, house, errands, bills, and mundane life details until the weekend. Ahhhhhh, the weekend. Catching up, cleaning and straightening, snowshoeing/hiking/biking/skiing or something else outdoorsy, and maybe...just maybe...finding a few hours after the kids have gone to bed to enjoy a cocktail -- or three -- while working on my blog.

But this week, Thursday is different. I'm all twittery. I'm planning for Friday and maybe even Saturday nights. You see, I've been invited to join The Weekend Blog Hoppers. Oh, the possibilities! The fulfillment! The friends to be made!

When the pickling sets in, Maxwell becomes Mashwell and that's how you know I'm BHoppin' for the Weekend.


Unknown said...

Welcome to the Blogger Hoppers crew! We're glad to have you :)

Unknown said...

PS. I just noticed that you added me to your blogroll! Thank you!!

BusyDad said...

Woo hoo! Sorry, I was kinda AWOL this weekend. An actual grown up b-day party tonight that didn't involve cupcakes or pinatas! (maybe pinatas are just an LA thing, but EVERY kiddie party has one!). Hope you had a grand old time hopping!