Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ticklin' the ivories?

Two loves of my life have come together in the last few weeks. MiniMe is taking piano lessons on my heirloom piano.
The piano is from my great-grandmother -- a 1917 baby grand that I spent 15 mortgage payments and 3 years refurbishing via an artisan of epic talent. It is stunning. It plays like only a piano of that era can.

This piano and I are now in the same home for the first time in 20 years. Those 20 years and the metaphor of the piano in my life are a story for another post, another time, when I have 5,000 or so words to waste.
Back to piano lessons. Sort of.
I have a colleague who plays the piano like a new-age angel. She composed, performed and produced her own CD a few years ago. Last Christmas, she gifted me with a copy and I have had it in the CD player in my car ever since. It's exactly the decompression I need during my commute.

It's also the music that is playing as I schlep MiniMe and Muggsy to and from their respective schools each day. I credit the music for soothing the savage beast of school-based overstimulation, but, other than background, I'm not sure they really listen to it.

Until last week. I had the volume low so only I could hear it.

MiniMe: Mommy, turn up the music.

Me: Sure, Punkin, how come?

MiniMe: I want to learn to play the piano.

Me: How is this going to help?

MiniMe: Because, Mommy, when you listen to songs your brain remembers them. Then you just need a piano to play them on.

So she has a piano to play them on, and a teacher to help the brain-to-keyboard translation. I am in heaven. My little girl is learning to play the piano!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


We're heading out for our first weekend away as a family since July 2006. Back to one of our favorite places. Mr. Outdoors threw it together at the last minute with the group from the boys trip -- this time with wives and kids.
I. am. speechless.
And. excited.