Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Excuse me while I reaquaint myself with...myself..

60 days.

Since my last post.

Okay, 56 days. But 60 days adds drama.

Like I need any more of that.

A quick recap:

1. The Best Man arrived from Rapid City on April 13. Until he moved his family here and into their own apartment last weekend, it was bachelor hell at our house. The refrigerator looked like it belonged in a dorm room (beer and condiments only). If I got one or both of them off the couch or out of the garage for 15 minutes to do something productive, I called it a good day.

2. The lawsuit. I got to play lawyer at a hearing in late April. I'm representing myself against the claims made by a multi-million-dollar company, and actually got the decision to go in my favor. Even though it didn't cost me anything in legal fees, the cost in time and sleepless nights was steep. Lawsuit still ongoing.

3. My mother in law was with us for most of the month of May. For her first visit in 3 years (she lives in Switzerland). I spent her entire visit attempting to de-bachelorize the house to keep her from doing it herself. See item #1 for the vicious cycle.

4. For the week prior to her visit, I was sick. Horribly, awfully, debilitatingly sick. Home-from-work-two-days sick. Worse yet: had both kids home sick with me. Mr. Outdoors was traveling for business.

5. Earning a living. Busiest time of year. Main industry trade show last week in San Diego, new booth property purchased a month before the show. All 1,200 pounds of crated booth materials lost on the way to the convention center. After much ranting and gnashing of teeth, pallets were found.

6. And the piece d'resistance -- the power supply on our main computer (the one that houses our wireless network and main hard drive) chose to die a slow and complicated death. Power supply now fixed, but computer in hock until bill is paid. Back up computer not very cooperative.

The rest of the summer includes:
  • MiniMe's 6th birthday (her theme changes each day along with her underwear -- from tropical fish to Hannah Montana to Barbie Fairy Princess) later this month
  • a visit from The Brother and his family (who live in Switzerland and haven't communed with us in over 8 years) in late July
  • MorMor for the month of August
  • a threatened visit from The Sister and her family also in August
That right there may be what pushes me over the edge. MorMor and The Sister are like vinaigrette dressing -- a wonderful blend for the first few minutes, but they separate out into oily and tart very shortly thereafter.

Just shoot me now.


The Herd Mom said...

I love that you are back! I actually haven't been reading my feeds for a while (due to some upheaval in my own life), so I was surprised to see just one new post. It was a good one! I think craziness is going around. From a former client via email this week (who is nursing a shattered ankle): "I have a friend who's into astrology--he says that Mercury (communication) is in retrograde ... so at least know that you
are not alone!" Hehe, figures.

A Mom Two Boys said...

I for one am glad you're back...although it sounds as if you're having quite a time!