Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Waydeebug Cah

We were playing the game of lists in the car on the way to our destination last weekend...keeping the are-we-there-yets at bay for a few miles, at least.

After we got to "name 3 things with wheels," we naturally landed on "name 3 kinds of cars."

Now, the contestants in this little game were 6 (that's MiniMe), 4 (MiniMe's partner in crime) and 2 (Muggsy). We gave each other a sidelong glance, wordlessly concluding that we had stumped them.

Without missing a beat, MiniMe called out "Ford, Scion and Slugbug!"

We own a Ford truck, a Scion xB...and then there's The Slugbug Game.

Partner in Crime demanded to know what a Slugbug is. MiniMe explained that they are Ladybug Cars. Mr. O attempted to insert the proper name of the car to no avail -- they will be forever known in our world as Ladybug Cars.

Which gave Mr. Outdoors pause. After all, he is a Motorhead. A Mopar Dude, to be exact. And he has a true gift -- he can identify, at 100 yards, not only the make and model of any car, but most of the time he also knows year, engine and how many were produced that given year. Get into the 60s and 70s muscle cars and he's unbeatable. Birthdays? Names? Where he left his sunglasses? Not so much.

So it's probably only genetic predisposition that both MiniMe and Muggsy are nuts for anything with wheels.

And Mr. O and MiniMe started calling out Slugbugs between themselves a few years ago. She's keeping score, and swears she's called out 257 Slugbugs since the inception of the game.

She always sees them before I do. She beats Mr. O about half the time.

The kids and I were driving the main drag earlier today. I heard a little voice from the backseat say "waydeebug cah, Mommy" and knew it had finally happened.

Muggsy's got game.

Thanks for the photo