Friday, August 01, 2008

I once was lost but now I'm found

VBS - Vacation Bible School. MiniMe got her first taste of it a few weeks ago.

We're spiritual people, in our own way, without the dogma of four specific walls within which to worship a labeled deity. Between the two of us, Mr. O and I have been in and out of Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Unitarian congregations. We were married by a Native American minister. And in 12 years of living among a highly concentrated Mormon population, theology and dogma are woven into our daily life via the news, politics and neighbors.

Naturally, MiniMe asks questions about church since we don't attend one. A friend invited her to attend the Lutheran version of VBS for the week, so I said "why not?"

Among several peppy, pop-Christian songs, she happily and frequently sings two full verses of Amazing Grace word for word.

And now *I* can sing two full verses of Amazing Grace word for word. In my head. Over...and over...and over...and over...

Please, join me.

You're welcome.


susan opel said...

"How sweet the sound..." of little Lutherans! ;)

Linda Beeson said...

Adorable little story and am I going to now hum that song all day???