Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm just glad it wasn't *my* turn

Sunday. I always feel like I don't have enough check marks on my to-do list by the time I rest my head on the pillow after the last day of the passing week has turned into the first day of the new week.

Today, this Sunday, was no different. Spending some one-on-one time with my mom, who is in town for her annual visit. Going off to hang out in a nearby resort town with The B-Man and his family so the guys could ride mountain bikes while we women-folk did some bargain shopping at the outlet mall.

My kids being in their absolute worst state of being -- no nap, very little nutritious food, and without their daddy to diffuse the stresses of childhood by giggling them out of their funk.

Having the woeful lack of practicality to prevent a dinner in our favorite pub -- with kids who were beyond their limits.

And me, knowing I am starting a new job tomorrow. My dream job, the pinnacle of everything I've done personally and professionally over the past 25 years. Having to write a blog post to introduce myself to a new audience. Hoping they will like me, but more than that -- hoping they will respect me. Not getting it done at a reasonable hour, but feeling good about what I've been able to do.

What with all the end-of-week compression, and all...

As we parted ways at the pub, I felt the need to offer The B-Man's wife an apologetic excuse for the chaos at the outlet mall and during the meal.

Graciously, with a twinkling yet sympathetic smile, she said she was just glad it wasn't her kids this time.

I. love. her.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Opposable thumbs

1. One gallon jug (refill) of Windex

2. One 32 oz. bottle of liquid hand soap

3. One half-gallon bottle of vegetable oil

4. One tube of lip gloss (Brand: Loreal, Color: Desert Rose)

5. One gallon of bleach

6. One full tube of Colgate kids toothpaste (bubble gum flavor)

7. Four bottles of Suave kids shampoo

A seemingly random list. However, these items do have a few things in common:

1. None of their containers include a child-proof cap

2. They are messy to clean up when spilled, smeared or otherwise wiped where they don't belong

3. To open these containers, one must have developed a fine motor skill involving the mammalian opposable thumb

Muggsy developed that skill about 3 weeks ago and has been practicing ever since.

Note to self: buy a steam cleaner

Friday, August 01, 2008

I once was lost but now I'm found

VBS - Vacation Bible School. MiniMe got her first taste of it a few weeks ago.

We're spiritual people, in our own way, without the dogma of four specific walls within which to worship a labeled deity. Between the two of us, Mr. O and I have been in and out of Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Unitarian congregations. We were married by a Native American minister. And in 12 years of living among a highly concentrated Mormon population, theology and dogma are woven into our daily life via the news, politics and neighbors.

Naturally, MiniMe asks questions about church since we don't attend one. A friend invited her to attend the Lutheran version of VBS for the week, so I said "why not?"

Among several peppy, pop-Christian songs, she happily and frequently sings two full verses of Amazing Grace word for word.

And now *I* can sing two full verses of Amazing Grace word for word. In my head. Over...and over...and over...and over...

Please, join me.

You're welcome.