Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hotel Schaererville

April 13 - May 31: The Best Man
Living with us. Yes, you read that correctly. His dog, too.

May 6 - 27: Mother-in-law
First visit in 3 years. All the way from Switzerland. While The Best Man was living with us (I'm sorry -- have I already mentioned that?).

May 8 - 11: The Best Man's family
A house-hunting trip. The Best Wife, C-Dude (7) and Bananny (3). And? The Dog.

May 23-26: The Best Man's family
Another house-hunting trip. Same guest list.

[NOTE: Archive has no May posts. Now you know why.]

July 23 - 27: The Brother-in-law and his family
First visit in 8 years. Also all the way from Switzerland. And the brothers didn't even kill each other.

August 5 - 30: Mor Mor
To help. To hang out. To provide moral support. Moms rock.

August 16 - 20: The Sister and her family
First time in over 4 years. Long story. Probably last time for the next, oh forever or so.

September 29 - October 2: Pops and his wife
Annual visit. Low maintenance. Welcome any time.

Weave in a few other bits of chaos and we've been busy. Just a little.

Closed for the season.

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