Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seventy Five

Your sense of adventure is something to behold.

You stoically set up a home for your family over the years in whatever country your husband's career demanded -- a journey that took you as a newlywed in Switzerland to Taiwan to Japan to Bahrain to Singapore. An all-too-short time in the U.S., and then finally...back to Switzerland 40 years after leaving.

You make friends quickly, and keep them for a very long time. As an ex-pat wife, you have friends in all corners of the world. They all have deep affection for you and gladly host you as a guest whenever you are near.

You are as elegant and well-groomed as the Japanese gardens you love so much.

You've survived breast cancer. Twice.

You hike regularly, through altitudes and terrain that would challenge the best of those half your age.
You continue to make your way through life on your own, with a bright outlook, even though I know you miss him so very much.

You raised two wonderful sons who both have a healthy respect for themselves, their families and -- most importantly -- you, their female role model while they were growing up.

You gave up 7 weeks of your life to come from Switzerland and stay with us when your first and only granddaughter was born. You were so calm and reassuring. You and I shopped...talked...just spent that time together. I will never forget how it made me feel. Safe. Loved.

Happy Birthday!

You are extraordinary.

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