Saturday, October 04, 2008

Since it's October... must be time for Mr. O. to remember our anniversary.

He apologized yesterday, and I reminded him that I'm not one to worry about stuff like that.

If I were, he'd be paying the price by now, dontcha think?

And we had a fantastic time the weekend before our anniversary, helping some friends start their own married life together. Holy hell, did we have fun. My, hungover for about three days. Top three weddings we've attended ever.

So we laughed about the forgotten anniversary together, and lamented the chaos in our life that keeps us scattered and unfocused on these things.

Hon, as long as we can deep fry a turkey together every so often, I'm not going anywhere.

Only in Schaererville.


sandee said...

Happy Anniversary! and Happy CMD!

The Herd Mom said...

That's such a great picture! :D