Sunday, October 05, 2008

So much for cracking myself up

I can't juggle TWENTY straws, people! Really, do you think I'm coordinated or something? to the rescue!

And the winner is...


So, Joybear, send an email with your full name and mailing address to editor (at) papercraftsmag (dot) com and I'll get our fantastic special issue sent out to you right away!

And? Since BusyDad was bold enough to comment on this one -- for the benefit of his sister-in-law, no less! -- I think I'll find a little something to send his way as well.

It's your "lucky" day, BD!

Little does he know...


joybear said...

Oh soooooooooooo happy! Thanks sooooooooo much!!!

BusyDad said...

hahaha! The package and its contents will be sent overseas to a very confused (Jim where the hell did you find these??) but appreciate SIL.