Friday, November 28, 2008

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My MiniMe tomboy has some friends that help bring out the single girly bone in her pinky toe, just enough to help balance her decidedly unfussy way of navigating the world. This dark-haired darling is one of the chief influencers:
Her mom has invited 12 (TWELVE! EGAD!!) kindergarten, first and second grade girls to attend the noon showing of High School Musical 3 tomorrow for her birthday.

Part of me feels guilty for not being more firm in my insistence that no, really, I'd love to chaperone. Yes! Trying to control a dozen uncontrollable little girls in the theater is exactly how I would choose to spend my Saturday.

The other part of me is tap dancing with giddiness that I'll have 4 hours of potential productivity while MiniMe is lost in pizza, birthday cake, and Zac Efron hotness.

After I reconciled my glad-it's-you-and-not-me selfishness, I set aside my own tomboy tendencies and found my inner girly girl to make a birthday card for this little glamour girl. My inspiration was Glitz Design's new Gigi collection -- especially when I saw the first four words in the upper left corner of the Gigi Words page. She is nothing if not adorable, sparkly, sassy and flirty:


I remembered that today is November 28.

Which means in less than 3 days it will be the end of November.

And I will have achieved NaBloPoMo Nirvana.

Not pretty, but a win is still a win.

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Max Fam said...

I can't believe MiniMe is really getting so big. Wasn't she just born? I talked to Shan and we're trying to plan a Big City Soup trip while I'm home for the holidays. Wanna come?