Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And he just might get lucky afterwards...

Mr. O and I don't get out much. We much prefer our redneck cocktail parties in the driveway during summer months and impromptu dinners with friends who also birthed members of the Short and Loud Club.


This startlingly luscious iteration of an icon will be back on the big screen starting this weekend:

I grew up watching 007 (Pops is a big fan). I watched Sean Connery and Roger Moore swagger their way across the screen, coming to understand that James Bond was the pinnacle of elegance and intellect.

But the Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan years just didn't do it for me. I paid little attention, maybe caught one on video.


There was so much hype about the new "blonde" James Bond (and who is this Daniel Craig, anyway?) that I agreed to see the Casino Royale remake with Mr. O in the theater and a babysitter at home -- a true luxury when you have a toddler.

Really, I just did it for Mr. O -- guys have always loved the Bond Girls.


It was *I* who bought Casino Royale on DVD. The very second it was released.

And *I* who just purchased reserved seats in the theater with stadium seating and cup holders for this Saturday night...and *I* who called the babysitter...and *I* who made a dinner rez at our favorite Japanese restaurant.


That scene...he's strutting back to the beach...from a swim in the ocean...and...




Just sayin'.


WWW said...

As a Swiss citizen, you'll be thrilled to hear that Elvis, the meanie's assistant speaks Swiss-German to his mother on the phone. The scene happens just when you get to meet the meanies. He tells his mother it's hot in Haiti and then something about having packed everything.

Not only because the director, Marc Forster, is Swiss, is Switzerland agog over the film - Switzerland's "love affair" started with the fact that Bond's mother is Swiss and Ursula Andress, the best bond girl.

You'll enjoy the film, although you don't get to see those blue eyes in quite the way you'd like to see them.


susan opel said...

Oh the utter hotttnesssss!

sandee said...

lol, yeah it's his eyes I'm looking at too!

Megan said...
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Megan said...

LMAO! This post kills me...and excites me, all at the same time! ;)

Although, I must disagree with your assessment of Remington Steele Bond. Pierce oozes charm and charisma. Plus, he's oh so sexy.

P. Kelly Smith said...

Jennifer, I'll be right there with you at the theater this weekend. And pay no attention to Megan... her idea of male hotness is Dean Cain in latex. Seriously.

Ellie said...

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