Thursday, November 13, 2008

But come to think of it...

...we did see W. when it came out just before the election. An anomaly.

We tried the luxury approach, looking for reserved seats at the fancy theater with stadium seating and cup holders. But, since it was only on one screen, it was sold out for that Friday premiere night.

So we took our chances at a smaller theater a bit further away. We rushed. We arrived just before the movie started. We guessed that we'd have far-from-stellar seats.

Uh, wait. We live in Utah. Selling out one screen at one theater on premiere night was probably more than expected for a movie like this. We had our pick of seats in the theater.

I was surprised. As much as he disgusts me with what he's done to our country, I left the theater feeling sorry for him. Understanding him a little more. Realizing that we must always choose the leader of our country with an eye first to his or her character and not pedigree.

Because this land is our land.

And because now we know.

Jess, you post the best thoughts!

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Chris said...

I saw an interview with Oliver Stone where he said test audiences expressed feeling empathy for George W. after viewing the film.

I CANNOT beLIEVE that you had your pick of seats at the theater.

Chris (your new Utah pal)