Sunday, November 16, 2008

007 Droolfest

As PK said, let the drooling, continue.
Although I was disappointed in the dearth of gratuitous Bond nakedness (I went to see it for Daniel Craig, not the storyline for hell's sake), this film was taken to a new and exciting level of biopic depth by director Marc Forster. There weren't many gadgets, and only a few sexy cars -- however, Mr. O did let out a small whimper before he leaned over and informed me that yes, that was a Jensen Interceptor sitting in the driveway when Bond arrives at the home of Inspector Mathis.
And Judy Densch as M was exquisite, as expected. What a masterpiece of casting she is. Laugh-out-loud line of the movie: someone asks Bond if M is his Mum and he says "no, but she thinks she should be."

Oh, and have I mentioned the other casting masterpiece of the film?

...I haven't...?


Yowza for sure.

Clearly the universe agrees with me: $70 million on opening weekend. That's almost double what Casino Royale brought in for its premiere two years ago, and it shattered the previous Bond film opening weekend figure (for Die Another Day). Worldwide? It's $322 million and climbing.

DVD revenue. Just imagine.


susan opel said...

Saw Casino Royale on Saturday and Quantam of Solace on Sunday. Do they know that people don't live through most of those chase scenes? Both good, though. Daniel Craig - hot. More nakedness would have been a plus! How creepy was the body of Fields dripping with oil?

Chrisy said...

Daniel Craig is unbelievable. I want to be the only woman who loves him though. I know, I know. Not gonna happen.