Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'll cut the cheese and you handle the meat

We celebrated Thanksgiving Eve and marked the one year anniversary of the decision by The Best Man and his family to move back to Utah from South Dakota.

The boys spent the day in the dust of the Utah west desert with their motorcycles. Although there was some Whiskey Engineering applied to a broken radiator, there were no rattlesnakes this time.

There has been a Playstation 2 marathon. We killed both DUALSHOCK controllers. One died a natural death, the other was the victim of a cocktail in motion.

We had fondue for dinner. I told them that I needed help cubing the cheese and cutting up the steak and chicken.

"I'll cut the cheese and you handle the meat," said Mr. O to The Best Man.

Life is truly a blog entry just waiting to happen, isn't it?

If it wouldn't have been impolite, I would have taken notes as each of us remembered funny stories, leaning back in our chairs around the table while digesting dinner. The Best Wife won top honors for her memory of the time a pickled Best Man woke up with bright red stains all over his clothing. After a panicked call to Mr. O, who reminded him that he had unsuccessfully hurdled a hedge of raspberry bushes the previous evening, he was happy to nurse the onset of a whopper hangover in relative peace.

We laughed ourselves silly.

The moms cleaned up afterwards. The dads wrastled with the kids. Three of the four kids have wounds to show for the chaos.

The house? An absolute disaster. The swath of destruction cuts a path from the bedrooms at the back of the house all the way down the hall, around the corner, and into the family room.

Mr. O and MiniMe crashed on the sofa. Muggsy is half on, half off his bed.

I'm in a state of happy and satisfied reflection. A 20 year friendship is something to behold.

There are so many things for which I am grateful, and The Best Man + Mr. O are a package deal that I willingly married into. I only wish we hadn't spent the past 7 years so geographically separate.

I'm really glad they're back.

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