Wednesday, November 19, 2008


In the continuum of time, 5 years is relative. Five years ago this weekend, our top priority was chasing the perfect photo. Mr. O was working on his website. We had toddler-sized MiniMe in the backpack and had hiked up to Delicate Arch.

I was impatiently filling time by photographing the photographer, who was patiently waiting for just the right lighting.

At the time, he shot almost exclusively film -- Velvia. We didn't know what kind of success he'd had until we anxiously looked at the newly developed slides a week or so later, on the light table using a loupe.

But when we saw a winner, we were elated.

On the other hand, I was exclusively digital. That LCD screen on the back of the digital camera told me that we'd certainly gotten a few good ones. C'mon...let's go.

Lessons in patience and gratification, through a camera.

And how long ago five years seems.

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Sue Neal said...

Great shots...both with film and digital. This is one my favorite places in Utah. Awesome that you found yourself alone up there, it's pretty rare.