Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Inalienable rights

This year? I got involved.

I am my precinct's chairperson for the Democratic Party. I'm registered unaffiliated, but the Democrats welcome anyone.

I walked door to door to support the Democratic candidate for the State House of Representatives in my district. Our back fence, paralleling a popular recreational trail, is hosting a selection of campaign signs.

I pushed myself to get deeper into the issues than I ever have, and not just quote sound-bites from campaign literature or news reports.

I've told everyone, as I always do, that the right to vote in elections is a cornerstone of U.S. citizenship. And that casting their vote -- for whatever candidate they choose -- is a right that should be exercised.

Choice. Democracy. Voice of the people. Inalienable rights.

Today is such an important day.

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WWW said...

And you Americans did the right thing. Thanks from one who can't vote in America!