Thursday, November 20, 2008

Those tough questions

I know the holiday season has officially arrived in Schaererville when the kids ask to watch The Polar Express.
Tonight was the night.
MiniMe, in her sweet and pretty darn close to pitch perfect voice, sings two songs word for word: When Christmas Comes to Town and The Polar Express theme (or, Magic Carpet on a Rail, as she calls it).
Muggs watches it for the train. Of course.
This year, MiniMe is wrapping her brain around some of the messages. She asked me what Billy meant when he said that Christmas just doesn't work out for him.
MM: So does that mean he doesn't get any presents?

Me: Yeah, Punkin, I think that's what he means.

MM: How come?

Me: Well...ummmm...his family might not have much money to spend on things like presents.

MM: Why not?

Mr. O: [from down the hall] George W. Bush!
So much for *that* character-shaping opportunity.


JCK said...

I like that Mr. O!

WWW said...

Here's a horrid thought: How much more can W do in his last 60 days???