Sunday, November 23, 2008

What, exactly, *is* sexy?

When we had our store, there was a Schaererville subscription to People magazine. We needed it for the waiting area in the lobby. Really.

Now it's just an impulsive and guilty pleasure at the newsstand.

I bought this one yesterday, because you know who was likely to be included (even if his publicist didn't have enough clout to buy him a cover shot):

MiniMe immediately started pestering me for the opportunity to start cutting it into pieces -- a favorite pasttime for any magazine, from Parenting to Motocross Action.

I hadn't yet read the issue, so I asked her what pictures she wanted to cut out. She flipped right to the spread on Zac Efron.

High School Musical rules our household. If she only knew how close it really came to the place we call home.

She then flopped it closed and studied the cover.

MiniMe: [with a matter of fact tone, pointing to Hugh Jackman] Mom, this guy is not really the sexiest man alive.
Me: Oh?
MM: Nope. [pointing to Zac Efron] He's the first sexiest guy, he's maybe the second sexiest guy [pointing to Hugh Jackman], and he's just not very sexy at all [pointing to Brad Pitt -- !!!!].
Me: Do you even know what sexy means?
MM: [embarrassed...kicking her toe into the carpet...looking sideways at me] Yesssss....
Me: Well? What does it mean?
MM: I'm not saying.
Me: Why?
MM: It's embarassing.
Me: It's okay to tell me.
MM: [kicking toe deeper into the carpet] ...ummmm...
Me: Yes?
MM: A hot guy.

Just lock her up now and be done with it.


susan opel said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! That Mini Me is a crack up! Hot guys can be sooooo embarrassing. And for the record - Zac Effron - not hot - sorry MM.

Kalyn said...

Oh my gosh! MiniMe sounds like such a cutie...and also just like me when I was her age. Only, I had the hots for Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Hanson. I guess they're vintage now? Haha