Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Mosts of 2008

Most Liberating: teaching MiniMe the finer points of microwave cooking. She cooks for herself and Muggsy.

Most Anticipated: our summer full of visitors, from both sides of the family.

Most Chaotic: our summer full of visitors, from both sides of the family.

Most Decompressing: redneck cocktail parties in our driveway all summer long. The hours of R & D spent on the perfect fruity vodka drink were brutal, but someone had to do it.

Most Rewarding: working on a state legislator's election campaign (she won!) and filling the role of chairperson for my precinct.

Most Unexpected: landing my dream job when they came looking for me.

Most Overwhelming: fighting a lawsuit without an attorney.

Most Exciting: the call from The Best Man in the spring telling us they would be moving back to Utah after 7 years of living too far away.

Most Entertaining: recalling exactly why The Best Man and Mr. O are like fire and gasoline. The path of scorched earth is getting longer and wider as each day passes.

Most Worthwhile: hand-delivering our Salvation Army Angel gifts to the distribution facility the week before Christmas and seeing how many others had been generous with donations. Makes me proud to know our family was part of it.

Most Cathartic: having a stash to draw from, and a reason to get all crafty again.

Most Confounding: realizing that I don't know how to answer most of the 'why' questions that come from the depths of Muggsy's two-year-old psyche.

Most Civilizing: my new 9-mile commute (and that's round trip).

Most Pragmatic: 6 going on 16. Just shoot me now.

Most Predictable: 40-year-old eyes, arms that are too short, and steadfast resolve not to get bifocals.

The New Year will start, at least for me, with a very clear view of the world.

Most Sincerely, Happy New Year to all!


BusyDad said...

I hate you for your 9-mile commute. Other than that, you are majorly ass kickin. I hope 2009 brings even more "most" (at least the good ones).

Brandy J. said...

I'm just glad you accepted the job that we sought you out for! Here’s wishing you and yours an even better 2009.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Love the theme of "mosts" :) Happy 2009!

Megan said...

Wonderful post! Your driveway parties sound like great fun. :)

Lisa said...

I seriously can't even tell you how jealous I am of you working for a scrapbooking company! What a dream! I'm so happy for you