Saturday, December 20, 2008

Solstice 2008

:: An adaptation of Danish and Celtic solstice poems::

As the sun and moon renew themselves and we honor the closing of circles

Once again, we learn that even in the darkest moments

Health, serenity, and healing are available

Bless our connections with the ancients

Bless our connections with each other

Bless our connections with future generations

Bless our connections with the circles of the seasons

Bless our connections with places of beauty and solitude

Celebration is at hand

Celebrate the renewal of bonds of kinship

Celebrate the renewal of bonds of friendship

Celebrate those who have touched our lives

Celebrate the return of the sun and longer days


Above all, peace.


Chrisy said...

I'll have to return to catch up on all of your links. Perhaps after Christmas...

The photo of you and your family is great!

"Above all, peace," to you and yours Mrs. Maxwell.


Chrisy said...

Oops. I called you "Mrs." instead of "Ms." Forgive me.