Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two peas

Sunny, funny and crazy runs strong among the men in this house.

A boy...

...and his daddy...

...remind me every single day that laughter truly is the greatest gift.

If you see Mr. O today, tell him he's safe. The traditionally lame ideas that become my feeble attempts to celebrate his birthday just aren't coming to me this year.

Unless you count this post.

Happy Birthday, Hon -- hope the fancy new snowshoes you got are enough to buy me out of this one.

Your brother made me do it.


Chrisy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. O!

Ms. Maxwell, the photos are precious and your two fellas couldn't look more alike. Must be fun for you - kinda romantic when a little boy looks like his father.

Hope you have a nice time celebrating! I'll tip my glass towards the mountains for y'all tonight!


Brandy J. said...

Happy be-lated birthday Mr. O!