Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is not good. Not good AT ALL.

Jennifer Minerman Schaerer's Facebook profile

I've skillfully avoided it for the past 5 months. I politely sit at lunch, listening to the tales of Facebook hilarity among my beloved co-workers. I raise my eyebrows in authentic amazement as someone celebrates their 500th friend.

But now I'm there. I HAVE to be there. For work, for oxytocin, for my need to connect.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


susan opel said...

I find it to be good, VERY good!
And I am way past 500 friends now for the record. :)

Brandy J. said...

Welcome. As one of Dave's buddies put it, Facebook is the most annoyingly awesome addictive thing out there!

GLipsey said...

Oh yeah ... Facebook baby. Feel the addiction (as I'm watching Sober House).

BusyDad said...

I broke up with Facebook a while ago. Then it all of a sudden become ultra cool again. Been fighting the urge to re-join ever since. but really, when literally "everyone and their mother" (and even grandmother) is on there, you kinda have to accept it. I'll be sure to Friend you when I do.