Monday, February 09, 2009

1,052,640 minutes

In and among other anniversaries, today is one too.

Two years ago today I officially became a litigant, an unwilling participant in an epic battle of egos between a student and his mentor. A power struggle that was born when student became boss and mentor became subordinate.

I am neither student nor mentor, boss nor subordinate. I'm just the booby prize.

I've been enjoined, I've endured electronic data discovery of proctological proportion, and I've had former co-workers who were also dear friends ripped from my social circle.

Mr. O and I will be cleaning up a financial mess for years to come. But I'll forevermore be able to correctly spell subpoena.

And now we finally have a trial date. That light at the end of the tunnel doesn't appear to be a freight train, either.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty intense. I certainly hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a freight train. That would be messy.

I'm sorry you've sucked into something so long-lasting and complicated. I hope things resolve very soon.

If we meet for coffee, I'm buying.