Wednesday, February 04, 2009

BusyDad, Fury, LEGOs...and ME???

As milestones go, I'm somewhere near 100 posts on this little blog of mine. And also somewhere near my one year anniversary of blogging on a regular basis.

An occasion, indeed.

It was way back when that I "met" Jim at BusyDadBlog. His blogroll was my original source. If there's one person who is responsible for my addiction to reading blogs when I should be doing something else, it's him.

We've swapped comments along the way, although he stands out just a tad bit more among the usual two or so on my posts. I'm one of dozens on his. But we somehow struck up a connection via email over the past year.

A few weeks ago I casually mentioned that I'd be in Anaheim on business, knowing he was nearby. Would he, for whatever banal reason, be interested in meeting up? You know, live and in person?

He said sure. I said.....

Well, I think it took me four days to respond to that email.

In less than a week I had to become funny, insightful, quick-witted, and a multitude of other traits I only dream about claiming.

Really. BusyDad! Not only is he one of the most popular dad bloggers out there, but his son is the cat's meow. And Fury would be part of the package deal for our meet-up.

Ever have anxiety over impressing a 6-year-old? It's debilitating.

Turns out Real Jim is the same engaging, attentive, funny person he is online. An authentic personality. A good egg.

And I'm here to confirm that his kid effortlessly steals the show.

Me: Hey, Fury. Can I take a picture of you?
Fury: Sure. Is it for your blog?
[think he's done this before?]

Me: Let's get our server to get a photo of all of us.
Fury: Yeah! We can all hold up LEGOs!
[Jim writes about LEGOs. Jim gets free LEGOs.]

But the highlight of the evening? Spitball 101 from Professor Fury.

Really, could he BE any cuter?

It was somewhere around midnight that we interrupted our animated conversation and looked over at Fury. Although he was happily racking up points on a driving game, we agreed we were on borrowed time before the good behavior gods released him from service (my own 6-year-old is Old Faithful in that department).

:: sigh :: All good things must come to an end.

Meeting my blog hero and his MiniMe was a spectacular way to celebrate 100 posts and one year.

Jim, you are one of a kind. Thanks for graciously introducing me to this world that has become such a big part of me.


BusyDad said...

Jmax it was a real pleasure meeting you as well! Fury and I both had a ton of fun (and I am still floored at how well behaved he was - a sign of a true blog child professional), and we would gladly do it all again next year! But before the next video I'll need to teach him some variations on the phrase "then you"!

Mr Lady said...

Do you know that he ALSO knows what an avatar is? I know bloggers who can't grasp that concept yet.

Glad you had fun. Totally at my expense. Whatever. :)

Ms. Maxwell said...

BD, just the fact that he can give concise and cohesive instructions is brilliant...and your reaction at the end of the video is classic. Like, "whoa. he actually made it into the target I set up and not over on the back of the dude's neck at the next table."

Mr. Lady, we will agree that Fury is a blogger waiting to happen. And your check-in call during our meet-up was like icing on my star-struck cake.

Anonymous said...

It's very nice to meet Jim and Fury! (I don't get out much.) Looks like you honestly became your "claimed traits", and even impressed an adorable 6-year-old.

Cute video. I'm impressed Fury was able to stay up that late! I can't even do that.

Congratulations on 100 posts, and Happy 1 Year Blogging Anniversary! (I think greeting card companies are missing a real market here.)

Miss said...

You are SO right. The first time meeting these two was nerve wracking for me. It looks like you all had a BLAST!

(Enjoy watching your traffic skyrocket! The power of BD. It's pretty crazy.) ;-)