Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The list of Ps and Qs

We're not militant about much around here, but we do remind the kids to always use their polite words...please, thank you, and excuse me.

A friend and I were sitting in the kitchen chatting the other day when Muggsy ripped off a burp that I'm sure came straight up from his toes.

Me: "Muggs! What do you say!"

Muggsy: "Good one!" [beams from ear to ear]

Me: *smacks forehead*

It all completely unravels courtesy of Mr. O's inner child. Which influences them at the most, um, opportune times.

Don't even ask about pulling fingers.


GLipsey said...

You and me ... same house

AJ said...

tooo funny!!! same here- same rules- not strict on much *except* manners. and, my 5 yo dd can out-burp most truckers, and prefers to prover nightly at the dinner table. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I always say, "better out than in!"

BusyDad said...

Hi-Five, kid!!! Oh, I mean, that's not appropriate. eh, who am I kidding. You've seen my kid at work.

Anonymous said...

"Pull my finger," is a term of endearment around here.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately s.daughter's most recent bf thought it would be cute to teach the g-kid to fart on people. needless to say, strict mean nonna does NOT allow that. i have retrained him and he now announces that he has to poot and runs to the bathroom. then he runs back out and informs me that the stinky stayed in there and didn't follow him out LOL