Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unforgettable [or, If I didn't have the photos, I wouldn't believe a WORD of it]

I've completely ignored this blog the past several months in favor of immediate and micro-blogging on Facebook. It was all I could do to capture the happenings in the moment, much less write about them. And our summer sure was one to remember, for so very many reasons.

95 reasons, to be exact.

For 95 consecutive days, we had a parent, step-parent or in-law parent in our guest room.


Phase I: my mom. For 9 weeks. Mr. O is a saint.

During Phase I, Mr. O broke 8 ribs in three different places while on his dirt bike.

The kids started new schools (both of them).

I took my mom and the kids to see her brother, my uncle, at his river-side log heaven in Sun Valley, ID.

With my mom's help, I also completed Project: Basement Organization and Project: Craft Room Declutter. She provided motivation worth its weight in gold. GOLD, I tell you.

Phase II: my mother-in-law. I'm not a saint, she's a very easy houseguest, but crossing off every single thing on her only-found-in-the-U.S. shopping list was a challenge (new Keds? Check. Snack-sized ziploc bags? Check. Bounce dryer sheets? Check. Easy Spirit sneakers? Check. Spoon rest for the neighbor? Check. Utah themed T-shirts for her grandsons back in Zurich? Check.)

My dad is Phase III. He and his Pensacola hobo wagon, his Natty Light, his military marches on cassette, and Jeremiah's step-sister, SaVANnah descended upon us for 72 hours of entertainment. I can't make this stuff up, people.

While tripping over grandparents, we also had a visit from one of my high school classmates from Wisconsin -- one I hadn't seen since...well, probably since high school. We hiked her all over the Cottonwoods and then rewarded her with an afternoon by the mountaintop pool at Snowbird's Cliff Lodge.

I got to hang with the cool Mammoth for Last Day on the Mountain in mid-June (June!).

And we managed to celebrate our 10th anniversary -- on time, which is monumental in itself -- with dinner at the restaurant where he proposed.

We also spent two weekends in Bear Lake, guests of our very gracious friends who have a cabin there.

Mr. O took the kids, with The Best Man and his tribe, up to our favorite camping hole. Without me. Ahhhhhhh.

Although we're both still gainfully employed, this summer has challenged both of our employers. After surviving two rounds of layoffs, Mr. O and his co-workers had to take two weeks of forced furlough. With a bumpy ride leading into summer, my company was sold and half the workforce was let go. I say my silent thank you to the powers of the universe that I not only have a paycheck to earn, but also that I earn it by doing something creative and wonderful -- with equally wonderful people around me.

Yes, in so many ways, this summer was truly unforgettable. Adventures, grandparents, economic struggles, getting things in order, visits and visitors.

I think we're ready to do it all over again next year.

Or not.


Cath said...

A great recap of a memorable season! I hope you enjoy the next as much as the last...or not! ;)

Chris said...

What a full and happy summer! I feel like I experienced all the fun with you after reading your post and looking at your wonderful photos.

About ready for that coffee? I am!

Tara R. said...

That was one eventful summer.. 95 days! Wow! And happy belated Anniversary!

Wicked Witch of the West said...

So these are your (95) Days of Summer. Not quite as romantic perhaps but certainly more exciting (than mine or ours).

Hang in there!

Unknown said...

95 days of wonderful!
Nothing brings joy and frustration like family!