Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Mr. O and I both grew up in families that revered the pursuit of The Official Holiday Family Photo. It was the annual quest to capture a moment in time...a perfect moment in time, one that would let friends and family afar know that things were completely happy and under control.

Success meant that the end result looked effortless and candid.

Behind the scenes, though, was a carefully guarded secret.

Getting two kids -- two boys in Mr. O's family and two girls in mine -- to get in place must have worn nerves thin. My mom absolutely dreaded the day set aside to do this. I always wondered why that was.

In my family, our pets appeared in the photo about every third year. I always wondered why that was.

Most years we'd go to a studio somewhere. Choosing a background was the most stressful part -- then the photographer would set up stools, arrange us by height, and take a dozen shots from which we could pick the winner. Done.

I think there were a few years when we tackled the project outdoors somewhere, but that was the exception and not the rule. I always wondered why that was.

I'm pretty sure that there were more than a handful of shots that were good...if it weren't for the kids goofing off.

And, really? It was probably one of the outtakes that truly captured our family's personality.

But it was always that perfect moment that the rest of the world would see.


Cath said...

Great photos! All of them! :)

Susan R. Opel said...

You guys are such a cute family! :)

Shannon Dee said...

I think you should put the candid ones in - the funny ones! Those are my favorite! SO cute - all of them! I love your blog Ms. Maxwell!

BusyDad said...

HAHA! LOVE this! We went through the same thing (and I have tons of outtakes as well) trying to do an Xmas card portrait. My favorite one is Fury flashing a "rock on" while we're trying to look all Norman Rockwell. Actually, the Rock On kind of made it the perfect Norman Rockwell picture, come to think of it...