Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get in, sit down, shut up, and HANG ON

Those closest to me know that I've been pushed to my limits by MiniMe the past week or so.


No, make that DRAMA. Or even DRAMA.

I adamantly tell everyone that she's everything I'm not.

Somewhere, there are many later-generation friends and relatives who are cackling mercilessly at the payback currently at hand. My mom is smiling wisely.

I keep my sanity by being crafty. MiniMe is pretty crafty in her own 7-year-old right. She has her own stash, but mine -- of course -- is much more to her liking.

It's a battle. Especially when my card swap group meets at Casa de Schaererville every few months.

Last night was no exception. We made some clever and simple notebooks (thanks, Lisa, for the design inspiration and Kelly -- as always! -- for the project coordination).

The instant MiniMe saw my project, she had a burning need to make her own. One that was just like mine.

No matter that I didn't have a spare composition notebook on hand. We had to run out first thing this morning and get one.

After raiding my stash: Voila. A notebook for MiniMe that's just like mine.

Except for the purple. MiniMe lives, breathes, and will die by the color purple, I'm sure.

Oh, and the names. Since her notebook is just like mine, it was pretty important that we distinguish them from one another somehow.

You know... just in case Santa can't tell that I'm not the one who wants the Barbie Girls Dream RV and Jonas Brothers CD that's at the top of the list in, uh, one of the notebooks.

But really, with just a few small stylistic differences, she's got a way about her that's, well...

...just like mine.