Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pink Shirt Day

My eyes were tired...vision blurred...it was at least an hour before my normal wake-up time and I had a killer headache.

From somewhere in the scratchy depths of half-sleep, I remembered: it's Tuesday.

I dragged myself into the shower, really felt the warmth of the water and let it remind me to just enjoy that moment, then pulled my newest pink shirt from the closet. I've never really been a fan of pink.

The kids struggled with Day Two of our back-to-school routine. I needed full cooperation today so I could get over to take my place with the other parent volunteers at the elementary school, making sure the buses unloaded in a civilized manner and each kid used his or her walking feet. Running? Not allowed. My voice was hoarse after 15 short minutes.

My pink shirt blew in the morning breeze, reminding me.

Deadline, conflict, challenge, delay...the jarring cadence of dischord at work today kept me on edge. I sighed, growled, frowned, and threw up my arms in frustration.

And caught a glimpse of my pink shirt, reminding me.

Escaping my day at work, I arrived home to the cacophony of two kids each trying to share their Day Two tales with me before the other. I yanked my bag and purse out of the car, slamming the door...on the tail of my pink shirt, reminding me.

The laundry monster was clawing its way out of the overflowing baskets onto the floor, so I heaved a sigh and took my place at the bed to fold at least 7 recent loads that had gone largely ignored. I sorted little boy shorts into one pile, big boy underwear into another...Hannah Montana t-shirts into a pile, and camisole tanks into the other. Thinking I ought to get out of my work clothes, but not quite ready to take off my pink shirt because it reminds me.

One last load of laundry to the washing machine and I could relax...but within 10 minutes there was a small flood in the laundry room because of a ruptured water line on the washing machine. As I looked to the heavens, wanting to cuss a blue streak, I saw the water spots on my pink shirt, and it reminded me.

I wear pink on the Tuesdays that she's having chemo. To remind me...that I shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

Lessons learned.

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Marsha said...

Beautifully said!