Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peaks and valleys

In the textbook of emotional physics, there is balance to be found among the ups and downs even though sometimes the downs seem absolutely untenable and heartbreaking.

To love a pet deeply requires pragmatism and an open heart, because we invariably outlast them and we have to accept that there will be pain and sadness at some point. But there will also be opportunities to love that deeply again in a lifetime, and I just can't imagine missing the peaks in order to avoid the valleys.

When the climb to a peak comes so effortlessly, and seems like it was meant to be, I sure can't question the why or the how.

Samantha, I don't doubt that you were nudged our way by a very special power in the universe. I'm grateful that our paths have crossed, and promise to always love you deeply.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Too soon a memory

There's a saying that when a loved one becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

Sydney, you will be a treasure in our hearts forever and your sweet spirit will always be at our side as we make our way through life without you.

We're finding comfort knowing you're in good company on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, and that you've also got a special someone there who will throw the frisbee to your heart's content.

RIP, sweet pup.