Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creative Spaces

If it weren't for my job, I wouldn't convert much of the crafty inspiration rattling around my head into anything tangible.

Exhibit A: my crafty workshop.

I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to workshop ideas, which kept me inspired to plug away at making a part of our unfinished basement into something more than a dumping ground. It never occurred to me that it would ever be ready for its close-up, least of all in print.

But Megan convinced me that my workshop was indeed ready for some professional lighting and photography, and somehow I ended up in an incredible special issue with these amazingly creative people:

I'm still just shaking my head in disbelief.

The best part of the process was having a neat and tidy creative space for the day of photography because my workshop is NEVER clean. Ever. Behold the reality:

And now I have proof in print that it's been magazine ready...if only for one short day. Plus my sliding barn door got its moment in the spotlight, too.

If you want to see all the stunning creative spaces that are far more than a whitewashed unfinished basement, you'll want this issue. It's on sale now in many bookstores and craft stores. You can also get it online HERE.

I've also got a copy right here that's looking for a new home, so leave a comment by Monday, January 14 at 5pm MST and I'll pick a random winner.

Don't miss the other chances to win copies over on the Creating Keepsakes blog, either. Seems like everyone is giving one away!


Victoria S. said...

Love your space! mine is still evolving.. re-organizng everyday to get it just right. would love a copy of this magazine!

artful-notions said...

I just knew it was possible to have a cleaned up workspace. Just not MY workspace!!! This magazine sounds like something I must see.